Most and Least Surprising: 3 Tech Leaders React to Insights in the AI in Business Trend Report 2023

Explore insights from tech leaders on generative AI in the workplace, based on our report findings.

What is your title and primary responsibilities?

Kelly O'Halloran: Senior Manager of Content Strategy at QuotaPath. Leads content marketing efforts to attract and engage customers at every step of the sales and customer funnel.

Shelby Bolinger: Director of Marketing Programs at Built In. Leads strategy and execution of marketing campaigns and programs to drive brand awareness and engagement with key buyer personas.

Jerlyn O'Donnell: Director of Experience Design at FCB Health. Manages a team of product design and user experience architects to bring products to life in the digital space.

How often do you use generative AI tools?

O'Halloran: Uses Bard multiple times daily but considers herself a novice.

Bolinger: Has little personal experience with AI tools but is learning from early adopters.

O'Donnell: Uses generative AI tools frequently, relying heavily on ChatGPT for various tasks.

What surprised you the most about this report?

O'Halloran: Surprised by low adoption rates for small businesses and enterprises. Expected higher adoption due to benefits for growing businesses and exploration time for large enterprises.

Bolinger: Surprised by high adoption rates across all job levels and frequent use in a given week.

O'Donnell: Shocked that VPs and directors feel most threatened by AI tools, expecting high-level executives to embrace efficiency and innovation.

What surprised you the least?

O'Halloran: Not surprised that 201-500 employee companies have the highest adoption rates. Also, not surprised that c-suite executives are confident AI won't replace them.

Bolinger: Expected smaller companies to adopt AI at higher rates due to resource constraints.

O'Donnell: Finds it unsurprising that cost is a significant obstacle to AI adoption, as she personally pays for these tools and understands the expense.

What did you find most intriguing?

O'Halloran: Finds it interesting that creativity is the highest-ranked skill for using AI efficiently. Also noted that 68.4% disagree with AI taking jobs.

Bolinger: Intrigued that nearly 70% aren’t concerned about AI taking jobs, given recent tech layoffs.

O'Donnell: Surprised that freelancers and solopreneurs aren’t leading AI adoption but understands the higher learning curve they face.

What insights do you think will see the biggest change by this time next year?

O'Halloran: Sees a market opportunity for AI consultants and expects increased adoption as budgets grow.

Bolinger: Predicts increased budget allocation for AI tools as trust and adoption rates rise.

O'Donnell: Expects more people to adopt AI if regulations aren’t too restrictive, with companies becoming more competitive.

How do you see the role of human workers changing as generative AI becomes more prevalent in the workplace?

Bolinger: Predicts an evolution where companies balance AI and human resources.

O'Donnell: Believes AI will handle repetitive tasks, while humans focus on complex and creative work.

In your opinion, what are the most exciting possibilities for the future of generative AI?

O'Halloran: Excited about AI helping people improve skills and providing opportunities for non-English speakers to create better job applications.

O'Donnell: Sees potential for AI to disrupt industries, especially healthcare, by identifying health risks and creating personalized treatment plans.

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1. What is the AI in Business Trend Report? A survey of 500 tech professionals on generative AI in the workplace, exploring adoption, usage, and perceptions.

2. Who contributed insights to the report? Tech leaders including Kelly O'Halloran, Shelby Bolinger, and Jerlyn O'Donnell.

3. What were some surprising findings in the report? Low adoption rates for small businesses and enterprises, and VPs and directors feeling most threatened by AI tools.

4. What are the most exciting possibilities for generative AI? Enhancing skills, creating job opportunities, and disrupting industries like healthcare with personalized treatment plans.

5. How can AI consultants benefit businesses? AI consultants can help organizations use AI properly, ethically, and effectively, increasing productivity and profitability.


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